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Shipping - Our Staff

With a combined experience of over 60 years in the plating industries we have the capability to train newbies so they may looked like seasoned professionals. SPI has plated items as large as a motorcycle frame all the way to the smallest of parts about the size of a grain of rice. Production leads are able to work with clients to minimize rack marks, ensure proper rotation to reduce air pockets, and are not afraid to speak their minds if they believe there is a better way to run a part. Customization of racking and individual work tickets for every job our quality cannot be beaten.

Valerie Hastings - President and Quality Manager

Valerie has grown up in the business. The company started in the mid 70s, Valerie took over as President in 1997. For nearly the last 30 years she has seen growth and success at SPI. As a member of the National Surface Finishing Association, she periodically takes courses to stay up on industry standards. Valerie's focus has been and will remain staying one of the premiere plating shops in Denver. Her quality policy sets the precedence for high quality production. SPI is interested in what your quality standards are for every job no detail is too small for us to incorporate into our standards for your product.

Heather Williams -Production and General Manager

For the past seven years Heather has been working with clients and employees to perfect the day to day operations of SPI. With a strong background in chemical analysis she is able trouble shoot plating solution to keep production at optimum levels. On time delivery has improved with Kim Gutierrez's help from 72% to nearly 90%. Prototyping is a critical for USA development and Heather enjoys working with machinist to perfect parts as they go to production. In the past year, SPI has assisted with over 100 prototypes for various machine shops throughout Denver.

Kim Gutierrez - Invoicing, Expedite, and Customer Service Manager

Kim has just celebrated her six year anniversary with Specialty. In those four years, she has improved the standard for communication between SPI and our clients. Our expedite services are well known and with a one day turnaround time she makes sure each job is completed confirming customer needs are met. Kim manages shipping and receiving; including verification of work tickets, routing for the SPI truck, and working with clients on invoicing issues. Kim can be reached Monday through Friday at her desk or the main line for assistance with any expedites.

Leroy Milburn Aluminum Production and Maintenance

Leroy is in charge of Aluminum side production; Hard Anodize, Regular Anodize, and all Chromate processes. After six years of employment with SPI he is able to accurately assess if a job is feasible to be ran. If you need to have an evaluation completed please contact him.

Team Motto:

Do what you say,

Say what you do,

and Document it all!!!!